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It is meaningful to create the anti-facial recognition privacy glasses with the high-quality glasses manufacturer base on the anti-facial recognition technology of professional AI engineers.

The Story Of Privacy Glasses

It all started from a weekend gathering of AI engineers, during which Edmond mentioned the Facial Recognition System he has developed. A transnational retail chain institution brought the system, in order to, by using the system and cameras, record and identify customers’ faces, their preference, purchasing power and other information once they arrive at the store. What’s more, through comparison of facial pictures on the internet, the information that is publicly available of the customer may be extracted. Such information may be quickly identified by the camera in the store from the database when the customer enters any chain store of the institution. And then, it is transmitted to the terminal on the hands of the shop assistants, which helps them quickly reach a deal.

We Need Privacy Glasses

We Need Privacy Glasses

What frustrated Edmond is that the collection of facial information of customers is unauthorized. Besides, there are no corresponding privacy protection regulations in the host country of that retail chain corporation. Even relevant regulations exist, they are only recommended, not compulsory. You may be surprised that many countries short of face privacy protection regulations include a powerful western country, for example, XX, Yes, exactly!
Being recognized in places where you have been served may give you a sense of satisfaction. However, do you still feel the same with your information sent to an unknown service personal? We are happy to quickly pick the satisfactory product when shopping, but we hate it when our shopping experience is being guided and monitored by the seller.


Prevent harmful effects caused by Misapplication of Facial Recognition

Perhaps we are not the last one to know that the misuse of facial recognition not only happens in the commercial area. According to a German media, someone who participated in an anti-war and peace-calling parade is astonishingly being listed in the extremist database after his face is recognized by the police camera. Can you imagine that? The existing cases have given more alarms to us. In London, where the facial recognition technology was adopted for providing assistance to the public security, 35 people were mistakenly arrested in just a day.
The idea that our information might be wrongly used by the state administrative departments really worries and frightens us, for we have no idea what we and our family may pay for it. Property, reputation, our job, freedom, health or even our lives, everything is possible.


Best Privacy Protection Measure under Video Surveillance

Therefore, the topic of this party changed from the discussion about Call of Duty to the opposition against unethical facial recognition, that is, how to protect our privacy under video surveillance in public areas. MIT Technology Review listed the facial recognition technology as one of the “Top 10 Breakthrough Technologies” in 2017. However, with the mature application of facial recognition technology, information about “anti-facial recognition” sprung up in the public eye in 2019, one of which reported that algorithm researchers could distract the facial recognition machine in the laboratory by a mask, a sticker, a piece of clothing or even a tattoo.

We thought that someone has already developed a mature product or provided a solution for us on the internet, which is comfortable to wear and easy to use, but it turns out that these ready-made products may either turn their users into aliens and behavior artists, or ate the dust of the constantly upgrading facial recognition technology. Some we cannot judge their effectiveness but can certainly help you declare in the public that: “I am an idiot, stop staring at me”. If you go to the convenience store wearing such device, the vigilant shop assistant might put his hand in the drawer to reach his gun.

We are clear about the principle and application of facial recognition technology, so we decided to do it by ourselves. We have tested various solutions and products in a year, but failed every time. The reason is that we wanted to balance the rationality in daily use and protection level. We will not dress like an eye-catching alien just for an absolute protection, and will not let the recognition system without any technical content easily see through us. Finally, we achieved it in an unconscious way in the daily use. Thanks to Ben, the supplier of all well-known brand glasses you know in the world. He provided us with wonderful suggestions, integrated our technology into his products and produced the glasses using the standard for international well-known brand.


The quality goes beyond our expectation. Our final product is a pair of fashionable and high-quality sunglasses with adequate anti-facial recognition function, which is more than an anti-facial recognition tool. Now, we can protect our facial information privacy to the greatest extent in public places in a cool way.

With a pair of anti-facial recognition privacy glasses whose quality is equivalent to or superior to that of well-known glasses brand, you may feel at ease under the sunshine, with no need to worry about the eye harm cause by the infrared ray which comes from the natural world and facial recognition products using infrared laser scanning. At the same time, such product will disappoint those who want to pry into your secret.

To witness the birth of the first anti-facial recognition glasses made of platinum glass