privacy glasses manufacturer
privacy glasses manufacturer

The Story Of Private Glasses

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It all started from a weekend gathering of AI engineers, during which Edmond mentioned the Facial Recognition System he has developed. A transnational retail chain institution brought the system, in order to, by using the system and cameras, record and identify customers’ faces, their preference, purchasing power and other information once they arrive at the store. What’s more, through comparison of facial pictures on the internet, the information that is publicly available of the customer may be extracted. Such information may be quickly identified by the camera in the store from the database when the customer enters any chain store of the institution. And then, it is transmitted to the terminal on the hands of the shop assistants, which helps them quickly reach a deal.

privacy glasses manufacturer

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Application of face recognition technology based on the latest visible, infrared and laser.

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The anti-facial recognition privacy glasses with the high-quality glasses manufacturer base on the anti-facial recognition technology of professional AI engineers..Adopt the latest anti-2D and -3D collection technology.The lenses pass the traffic light test and can be used for the matched driving environment. In the meantime, the monitoring camera’s collection of facial information in the cab on the road is avoided. CE certified product. The product follows EU’s HSE related directives and has been verified by the third party institution. Sunphey privacy glasses come from the global high-end glasses production area with 70% market share. The product is manufactured by the glasses factory produces for international brand. It is meticulously polished through more than 152 procedures.

Unprofessional privacy glasses is Without the latest technology, fail to cover the wave length of camera infrared light source, the omitted infrared wave length detects the facial information. the facial area covered by the glasses is too small, some nose, eye and forehead intersected area key characteristics are still collected. the style is weird, uncomfortable wearing,the quality of optical processing is poor , making users exposed to the camera for a long time cannot stand with it., causing invisible damage to eyes,and which is inconsistent with the scene and identity of the wearer attending important activities.

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    • Technology Foresight

      When the application of VCSEL laser chip technology of new facial detection technology started,Sunphey the anti-facial recognition privacy glasses have been prepared to resist such new technology.
    • Platinum Glass Lens

      Through the platinum process,Some minerals called rare earth elements are added to enhance the best perception of color and contrast. This is the process used by the well-known high-end glass lens brand in the world.
    • Classic Design

      Classic design from Italy. However, our special lens technology makes classics radiate new beauty and life in the world of artificial intelligence.
    • CE & FDA Certified

      Global high-end glasses production area with 70% market share. It is meticulously polished through more than 152 procedures. The product follows EU’s HSE 、US FDA related directives and has been verified .



  • US FDA
    US FDA
    US Food and Drug Administration Certification
    It is a CE certified product, follows EU’s HSE related directives and has been verified

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