privacy Sunglasses for police officers、Bodyguard、secret agent

privacy Sunglasses for police officers、Bodyguard、secret agent

Who would have thought that choosing the wrong sunglasses as a police officer, bodyguard, or secret service agent could cause one to fail in a mission or even threaten one’s life! to perform tasks in the artificial intelligence network world, we need to hide and do not need to be monitored.

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Privacy Sunglasses for police officers, Bodyguard, secret agent

Police officers, Bodyguard, secret agent need the protection of privacy sunglasses

Police officers, bodyguards, and secret service agents who wear sunglasses in the course of their duties are usually thought to be cool. In fact, Police Officers usually wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun, and also sunglasses can prove quite handy if anything is being thown in at the same time they can increase their ability to see what people in the crowd are doing.

Sunglasses are an indispensable tool for these officers to work with.

Facial Recognition Technology in the office

What should the traditional sunglasses for police officers have

The mirror coating

The mirror coating decreases the amount of light passing through the tinted lens by a further 10-60%, making it especially useful for conditions of sand, water, snow, and higher altitudes.

Clear vision

Officers need clear vision to perform these activities. Secret Service agents sometimes wear sunglasses to keep the sun out of their eyes, so they can increase their ability to see what people in the crowd are doing

Passing the traffic light test

Police drivers who might be blinded by sunlight during a high-speed chase. clearly distinguish red, yellow and green traffic signals.

Dustproof, waterproof and fogproof

Long-term outdoor tasks, the lens is easily affected by the external environment, light transmission rate significantly reduced, affecting the visual effect.


Long-term outdoor tasks, the frame is corroded by human sweat for a long time, easily releasing harmful ingredients to harm the skin. The use of antibacterial acetate frame or titanium frame is preferred.


The lenses can work durably and stably under temperature, humidity and electromagnetic environment, wear-resisting, without discoloration and deformation. The frame is impact resistant and not easily deformed.

UV blocking

Effectively absorb 99% of UVA and UVB, blocking UV projection.

However, these are not enough in the world of artificial intelligence technology!

In the century of artificial intelligence, ordinary sunglasses can not protect you


Cheap face recognition systems are sold on e-commerce platforms without restriction, and we believe that any individual and institution with bad intentions, except government law enforcement agencies, can collect and identify the face information of the people he needs to focus on.


This means that social dignitaries protected by bodyguards are vulnerable to being identified and killed by face recognition weapons assembled in roadside ambushes.

A senior government official of a country in the Middle East was killed after being recognized by the AI unmanned remote control weapon station ambushed on the roadside;

Plainclothes police officers can be easily identified by face recognition systems at the mission site, and the mission can be carried out in a guarded environment.

In the execution of the task, the police officers on duty by the criminal distant laser pointer shine eyes, resulting in blindness can not perform the task or even unable to protect themselves or perform the task of protecting others.

These are not alarmist, but in the real world has happened, and will even more opportunities to happen things. So, living in the twenty-first century artificial intelligence world, we are still using the nineteenth century products to protect us?

When the police search for people who need to be controlled with their faces in the secret room, can you think that one day you will be among the list of those who will be searched with their faces.

The story of the development of glasses for police officers

The efficiency and problems of control brought by face recognition is an eternal topic, and we never know what the story of face recognition will be in the social environment of our customers. That is, until a police officer told me that they needed our product. We realized that police departments are not only users of face recognition systems, but also important privacy protectees, and this is not only about personal privacy, but also about police family as well as social security. Police officers are especially more focused on the need to keep the privacy of their face information private. Police officers should be protected not only at work, but also in cyberspace and in the home. There are many documented cases of criminals using information resources readily available on the Internet, or stolen without permission, to obtain private information about police officers. Sadly, some of these situations have caused harm or intimidation to police officers and their families.

Police officers themselves, as well as their families, are being stalked, and we all know the dangers that law enforcement officers face on a daily basis. Not just when they are on the job, but also when they are off duty. The idea of being stalked, harassed, or even followed to their personal homes is a scary thought. While you wouldn't think it happens often sadly, it does happen. It seems to be a growing problem. This stalking is not only human stalking, but also the ubiquitous and illegitimate surveillance camera stalking that exists.

As public safety, elected or appointed officials are more vulnerable to potential threats from violent criminals than ordinary citizens. As the risk increases, the likelihood of harmful behavior occurring and affecting public office and their families is much greater. No one should have to worry about criminals finding their homes or families.

Like the first generation of privacy glasses, we maintain the Italian classic design, black matte fiber acetate frame, 152 program fine polishing, frosting texture, high-definition color reinforced platinum glass lens and other processes, with excellent or better quality. We expect our privacy glasses, like the traditional sunglasses in the past, to become the standard configuration for travel in the artificial intelligence network world.

Product Details of privacy Sunglasses for police officers、Bodyguard、secret agent

Frame material      Acetate frames
Frame color Black
Frame Front(mm) 147
Frame Side(mm) 150
Lenses material Platinum glass
Lens Width(mm)   54
Lens Height(mm) 47 
Thickness(mm) 1.8
Lens Category 3
Lens color Ice blue
Base Curves 600
Functions                                       UV380, Hydrophobic, Infrared Block,  Anti Reflection,HD Color Enhancement,Lenses Flash Mirror

Full wrap around design provides maximum protection of eye measurements being analyzed

Antibacterial Polycarbonate frame with flexible silicone temple ends and adjustable nose pads for comfort

Universal size fits pretty much everybody.

EU CE and US FDA certification

Vcsel blocking lenses turn black on vcsel cameras to remove critical eye measurements,Longer anti detection distance

Blocks 3D infrared facial mapping  & infrared iris scanning during day & night

Composite spectral blocking technology, visible and infrared laser scanning blocking technology 

Blocking eye measurements from being analyzed on infrared security cameras in low light environments.

High quality platinum craft glass lens, stable, high definition

The mirror coating decreases the amount of light passing through the tinted lens by a further 10-60%.

Suitable for driving:Suitable for driving and road use – Not suitable for driving at night or under condition of dull light.

Overview of privacy Sunglasses for police officers、Bodyguard、secret agent

Adopt the latest anti-2D and -3D collection technology, and anti-near infrared full wave length and composite spectrum detection of nose, eye and forehead intersected facial key characteristic area. This is especially effective for facial detection algorithm of OpenCV.

The lenses pass the traffic light test and can be used for the matched driving environment. In the meantime, the monitoring camera’s collection of facial information in the cab on the road is avoided. The recognition by the monitoring camera after the lenses are taken off when the non-professional lenses fail to recognize the sidewalk and traffic light is avoided, or the traffic accident due to running the red light is avoided.

CE & FDA certified product. The product follows EU’s HSE &US FDA related directives and has been verified by the third party institution. At the same time, based on the public attention to public health due to the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic in the world, the frames adopt the antibacterial materials, which can effectively resist escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus with the resistance rate more than 99%.

Sunphey privacy glasses come from the global high-end glasses production area with 70% market share. The product is manufactured by the glasses factory produces for international brand. It is meticulously polished through more than 152 procedures.

Non-professional privacy glasses will cause the substantial damage to you.

● Expose your identity to face recognition monitoring system to perform tasks.

● Expose your protected objects to AI weapon biometric systems.

● Blinded by instantaneous laser while performing important tasks.

●It has not passed CE &  FDA certification and causes invisible damage after long-term use

Product Packaging

Companies the world over are doubling-down on their efforts to cut out reliance on single-use plastic packaging. And we are no different.

Plastic is a great material that lets businesses offer more, at a low price,

The recyclability of plastic is, however, still a challenge due to leaking circular systems or no systems at all, which ultimately sees plastic packaging in landfill and waterways.

Companies can benefit massively by some simple revisions of existing packaging designs. Elimination of plastic glasses case not affect sales, and may remove the use of plastic altogether.

Packaging of the privacy glasses also uses more wood fibre (or paper pulp) than the packaging for previous models.

The second generation of privacy glasses adopts dark outer packaging. In the future, facing the ubiquitous immoral monitoring equipment, we expect privacy glasses to become the necessary glasses for the generation of artificial intelligence network.

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  • This product conforms to Directive 89/686/EEC concerning Personal Protective Equipment in accordance with Standard ISO 12312-1(sunglasses for general use).

    Restrictions of use
    – Not for direct observation of the sun.
    -Not wear to drive in an unsuitable environment.
    – Not for protection against artificial light sources, e.g. solaria.
    -Not for use as eye protection against mechanical impact hazards.
    -Not test frequently in front of face recognition systems with deep learning intelligence.
    -Not use this product for violations, this product can not escape the violation of the law from legal liability.

    – The wrong use of aggressive cleansers or cleaning products might damage the products. You should clean the products using either the cleaning cloth provided or some other soft and clean cloth
    – Use a mild soap to clean the glasses and do not use abrasive detergent or sprays. When cleaning your product, avoid the use of highly concentrated and aggressive detergents or solvents (e.g.alcohol, acetone) as they may cause damage to your frame, parts,and lenses.

    Product Handling
    – Extensive activity may cause damage to you or your product.
    Always exercise caution when wearing and treating your frames.
    -Protect your frames by carrying them in a case when they are not being worn. Frames should be kept away from direct sunlight.
    Always keep your frames dry and avoid extreme temperatures.
    High heat may cause damage to your product and alter the features of your frames.
    – Sensitive skin may experience allergic reactions to certain metallic frames.

    Warranty Service
    – All certified sunphey  sunglasses products come with a 1-Year Limited Warranty from the date of original purchase.
    – Damages caused by customer negligence may be repaired with an additional charge for the necessary parts.
    Proof-of-purchase is required to commence a repair. If your product has not been in production for over Six months, repairs may not be fulfilled due to a lack of parts.
    -Our warranty does not cover damages from normal wear and tear.improper use,or customer negligence.
    -For more information and assistance, please visit

    Return and Exchange Policy
    – Unused products may be returned or exchanged within 7 days from date of purchase[receipt] at the store where they were purchased. (These terms do not apply for the time being to areas where COVID-19 epidemic outbreaks occur.)
    – Your Authenticity Certificate Card and receipt are required for all returns and exchanges.

    Description of Filter Categories
    0 Very limitied reduction of sunglare
    1 Limited protection against sunglare
    2 Good protection against sunglare
    3 High protection against sunglare
    4 Very high protection against extreme sunglare, sea,over snowfields,on high mountains,or in desert

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